Riders from all over the world

Through all the years we have tried to offer visitors something more.
Let that be a pleasant experience when buying a new bike, a high-quality and affordable service or bicycles rental and help in selecting the most beautiful destinations.
And our efforts have paid off. We can be proud of our regular customers that come from Slovenia and other countries in the world (Croatia, Italy, Germany, New zelend, Austria ...).
Of course we are not taking all the credit for ourselves. A great help to us is our environment, which is so diverse that anyone can find the wright cycling tour for themselves.

Service, rental, sales

As you've probably already discovered, you can find everything in one place.
From a high-quality and affordable service, with the possibility of a *fast service (you get the bike back the same day) to a rental of quality, aluminium bicycles, with wich you can go on everything tour in our region of Istria, and finally sales of new bicycles for all ages.
You are invited to see for yourself that the above are not just words :)

Fast Service: valid for the service which does not require complex interventions (servicing hydraulic components, procurement of components outside the store, laundry, etc.).

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