Luma sport is with you since 2003. Our journey started with a clear objective: to offer more than others to the greatest possible plurality of bike enthusiasts.
And we have succeeded. In all the years we seen smiles of satisfaction when purchasing a new bike, servicing and successfully solving even the most unusual problems,
to simple but important smiles of gratitude for the assistance in selecting a bike or components and for the help in choosing interesting bike paths to domestic and foreign visitors.

Its share of smiles undoubtedly contributed all those that have rented our bikes for daily or multi-day trips, from where they returned full of wonderful memories.
This you can do it yourself, your children, friends, relatives, acquaintances ... in short, anyone enjoying their time on the bike. We have prepared an offer of bicycle rental and bike tours.
To become part of this experience is enough to click on the link above ''Bicycles rental'' or ''Cycling in Istria''.

Because we really want the smiles and good will to continue, we try to have as much as possible wide selection of bicycles, bicycle equipment, lubricants, tools and everything that goes with it.
It is logical that for a quality service just a mark or two isn't enough. Therefore, we are happy to offer a rich asortam of renowned brands (over 60).

To view the full offer of a manufacturer, click on the desired logo.


Tyres, components, lubricants, various equipment...

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